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This is a wiki for developing an extensive gameplay design patterns collection based upon specific game designs, with the aim of supporting the design and analysis of all types of games.

As any project exploring the commonality between different artifacts, the collection makes use of some Underlying Assumptions and Concepts - see also the category of Pattern Related Notes.

What are design patterns

Who is it for?

Since we want to use this for our research (e.g. quote things here which we know won't change) we don't allow everyone to create an account. However, we do wish that everyone can comment on the talk pages and will make that possible as soon as we've figured out how.

How does one use design patterns

The main idea of having gameplay design patterns is to make it easier to express clearly intentions, analyses, and opinions regarding gameplay. See Pattern-Based Methods for more specific suggestions on how to use them.

I want to contribute

Contact Staffan Björk by email if you want to be given an account.

New User?

Some useful information is on the Help:Contents page.


See here for plans on how to work on developing the wiki.

Want to be informed about updates?

The easiest way to do so is by following Staffan Björk on twitter (all tweets about the wiki are tagged #gdp).


Contact Staffan Björk by email if you wish to have something added here.

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Publications using similar pattern approaches

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Other work using similar pattern approaches

  • Larsen, S. (2006). Level Design Patterns - Looking for the Principles of Unified Level Design. Report of 12-week student project at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Other Interesting Publication

  • Montola, M., Stenros, J. & Waern, A. Philosophies and strategies of pervasive larp design. In Larp, the Universe and Everything - An anthology on the theory and practice of live role-playing (larp), published in conjunction with Knutepunkt 2009. (Describes several strategies for pervasive larps in a template rather similar to that of design patterns).

Other Interesting Projects

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